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Federation's Legacy Society


The Legacy Society is made up of donors who, with generous foresight, have established a legacy gift to help ensure Jewish continuity from generation to generation.


By giving form and substance to their dreams, each in his or her own way, these donors are enabling our community to meet the challenges of the future with Jewish values and traditions that are unshakable and deeply instilled.


The same charitable act you perform to provide for your Jewish community this year can ensure that the community receives a gift on your behalf every year, through your lifetime and beyond.


It's easy to leave a legacy! Click here.



First, reflect on your priorities and what is important to you. You may want to endow your gift to the Federation Annual Campaign, or fund your favorite program so it can continue indefinitely.


A legacy gift to Federation can be directed to strengthen the State of Israel, build Jewish community here in San Diego, or help Jews in need, anywhere in the world. You decide.




You do not have to be wealthy to have an estate or to leave a legacy. No matter what your income or estate value is, your gift is important.



In partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation, we will work with you and your professional advisors to plan a gift that furthers your unique financial and charitable goals. We are available to meet and consult with you and your advisors throughout the process.

"In remembrance there is life."

~ Laurie Gross


We'd love to answer any questions you have about your Jewish legacy!

Connect with Jodie Graber 858.737.7139 or email Jodie.



The Jewish Federation of San Diego County Legacy Society honors those individuals and families who have made a gift to the Federation through their wills and estate plans. Membership in our Legacy Society is a unique opportunity to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you've created a Jewish Legacy. We honor the generous community members listed here who have made a real and lasting impact on our community.

Celeste z"l & Irving z"l Abel
Sybil z"l  & B.J. Adelson
Martin Adler z"l
Alice Alperin z"l
Beth & Phillip Alpert
David Alpert
Joyce Axelrod
Juli Bear
Joan Beber
Judith & Lawrence Belinsky
Fritzi Bellamy z"l
Donna & Fred Berger
Marsha Berkson
Julie & Edgar Berner
Stanley Bernstein z"l
Terri Bignell
Barbara & Gary Blake
Leoni Bollinger z"l
Denise Clare Breitbard z"l
Lillie Breitbard z"l
Stacie Bresler-Reinstein
Arthur Brody z"l
Sophie Brody z"l
Hattie Brooks z"l
Howard Brotman
Claude Cassirer z"l
Elaine Chortek
Peter Chortek z"l
Susan Chortek-Weisman
Sofia Cohen z"l
Betty Cohn z"l
Martha Congress z"l
Debbie Deverett
Theresa Dupuis
Jessica Effress
Richard Effress
Cecelia Eisenberg z"l
Claire & David Ellman
Phyllis Epstein
Myron Feinberg z"l
Lillian Feingold z"l
Alberta Feurzeig
Robert Fink
Barbara Fischbein
Esther Fischer

Susanna Flaster
Pauline Foster z"l
Helen Freedman z"l
Judith & Dr. William Friedel
Donald Friedlander
Elaine Galinson
Murray Galinson z"l
Mel Garb z"l
Joan & Guy z"l Gardner
Jean & Franklin Gaylis and Family
Lisa & Jay Gelbart
Trude Gitler z"l
Beverly Glickman z"l
Joseph Glickman
Dorothy Goldberg z"l
Linda & Jerry Goldberg
Madeline z'l & Milton z"l Goldberg
Sidney Goldman z"l
Dorita & Eugene Gotlieb
Marlene & Herbert z"l Greenstein
Karen Grossman
Bryna & Lawrence z"l Haber
Naomi & Wayne Harris
Phyllis Harris
Marcia Hazan
Margaret z"l & Ernest Heuman z"l
Marie & Robert Ilko
Carla & James Jacoby
Elizabeth Jeter
Leigh & David Johnson
Marjorie Kalmanson
Marjory Kaplan
Larry Katz
Miriam Katzin z"l
Ella Kaufmann
Debbie & Sol Kempinski
Todd Kirschen
Steven Kleiman z"l
Jane Klein z"l
Alexander Klotz z"l
Karen Kogut
Gary Kornfeld
Shirley Kreloff z"l
Lenore Krems z"l
Ann Kripke z"l

Bernard Kunin z"l
Flora & Morris Kuritsky
Mack Leblang z"l
Sally Leeds z"l
Harriett Levin z"l
Helen Levine z"l
Arthur Levinson
Michael Levinson
Sandra Levinson
Terri Levy & Helen Armstrong
James Lewis
Zita & Morris Liebermensch
Sylvia & Jaime Liwerant
Frances Lobman
Taylor Lucas
Florence Maio z"l
Jack Maizel
Marcia & Robert Malkus
Ruth z"l & Walter z"l Mann
Ellen Marks
Susie & Eli Meltzer
Silva Missler z"l
Tamara Moch
Elspeth Helen Momcilovich z"l
Ellen & Mark Moss
George Nathan z"l
Rebecca Newman
Miriam Norten
Marie Novak
Andrea Oster
Shirley Pidgeon
Lori & Kenneth Polin
Sarah Pollack
Miriam Radin z"l
Marie Raftery and Robert Rubenstein
Andrew Ratner
Anne Ratner z"l
Cheryl Rattner Price
Shirley Ravet z"l
Barbara z"l & Henry z"l Reed
Pearl z"l & Allan z"l Reiter
Rolf Robins z"l
Glenda Sacks Jaffe
Sara R. Sacks z"l
Teresita & Alfred Salganick

Rae Samiljan
Ruth Schank z"l
Lillian Scharlin
Shari & Frederick Schenk
Jane Scher
Mary Ann Scher
Gloria & Irving Schiffman
Beverly Schmier
Hyman Schwartz z"l
Jean & Gary Shekhter
Barbara & Larry Sherman
Karen Silberman
Gayle Slate
Ruth & Phillip z"l Slonim
Elyse Sollender
Elene Solomon z"l
Herbert Solomon
Diane z"l & Henry z"l Solway
Ida Soontup z"l
Gloria Stone
Iris & Matthew Strauss
Deena Swidler
Adelaide Tavlin z"l
Nessim Tiano
Sarah Tiano z"l
Herbert Tuteur z"l
Jan Tuttleman z"l
Natalie Vanderster z"l
Alexandra Viterbi
Andrew Viterbi
Audrey Viterbi
Caryn Viterbi
Danielle Viterbi
Erna Viterbi z"l
Samantha Viterbi
Valerie Viterbi
Howard Warshaw z"l
Shana Weisman
Stuart Weiss
Alan Wexler z"l
Jacqueline Woolf
Leah z"l & Charles z"l Zibbell